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The School aims to offer a broad range of seminars and hands-on lessons by experts in formal epistemology, philosophy of statistics, philosophy of science and game theory in order to address foundational questions in the sciences from new perspectives, with a special focus on formal models of social interactions and scientific inference.
In particular, students will attend both theoretical lectures held by distinguished scholars in the fields and classes offering tutorials on formal methods and tools, as well as extensive overviews on the school related topics. Each of the school threads will be covered by interactive group work, exercises, and one-to-one sessions, which will provide attendees with the opportunity to deepen their proficiency in a particular topic of interest. 
A special attention will be devoted this year also to formal/conceptual tools of game theory/rational choice theory in representing and studying the interactions of agents operating in scientific ecosystems as strategic behavior of rational players, whose repeated interactions shape the current scientific practices.
In-depth lectures will be given on: Bayesian Philosophy of Science, Foundations of Statistics, Bayesian Statistics, Game Theory, and Probability 
Philip Dawid (Cambridge)
Stephan Hartmann (Munich)
Andrés Perea (Maastricht)
Teddy Seidenfeld (Carnegie Mellon)
Jan Sprenger (Turin)

Three distinct tutorials will be given by expert scholars, in order to offer students introductory overviews and hands-on classes on the topics, which they feel less familiar. 
- Introduction to Bayesian Epistemology (William Peden)
- Introduction to Game Theory (Mantas Radzvilas)
- R for Bayesian Statistics (Momme von Sydow).
Tuition Fees (100 Euros) will include breakfast and lunch breaks, social activities, as well as participation to the Bayes By the Sea Conference (30-31 August), to which Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract for a contributing paper/poster.
Deadline for application: 2nd of July 2019, APPLY HERE
The School will include participation to the Bayes By the Sea Conference (30-31 August 2019) 
Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract for a contributing paper.
A rich calendar of social activities will complement the fun!


Barbara Osimani, Stefano Bonzio, William Peden, Mantas Radzvilas, Todd Stambaugh

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